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Tank mates for BN...


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Yep, Id like to know that as well..

I have 2 juvie BN's and I have with them..

2 appistogramma cacutoides

3 neon tetras

1 corydora catfish

Only in a 35 L tank though..

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It really depends on how long you want to leave the fry in the parent tank. My bristlenose breed all over the place. I have been meaning to set something up for fry but I keep forgetting. When I get a bigger setup/fishroom I will probably be bothered growing some fry. I still get plenty of fry survive through to sellable/tradable size. However I recently moved a couple of spawns to a fry tank at about 1cm when they started moving away from the parent cave. If you are going to move the fry away before they leave the cave, tankmates shouldn't be an issue IMO.

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