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Weird pic


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Is this a photoshop job? The water is rippled yet you can't see any of the ripples above the fish at all? If it was out of the water a bit, wouldn't you see a water line somewhere or something?

Doesn't make sense looking at it, please explain o.O? To me it looks like some it's some cropped picture slapped onto another one? Cool anyway smile.gif

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lol its not edited one bit...straight off the camera.

I took the photo from underneath the fish and the surface you see rippling is the surface of the tank but from under the fish.

Its hard to explain and when i took it i was confused aswell but you can see that the fish is distorted from difraction(or is it refraction dry.gif ). Here is another that will hopefully prove that i havn't edited it at all.

user posted image

As you can see the fish was close to the surface at the time of the photo and you can see the ripples caused by the fish. So unless i am an absolute pro at photoshop and could do the rippling effect it should prove that its not edited at all.



Oh and in the first pic you can see where the water meats the glass at the front of the tank.

If you still don't believe me...try getting a pic of the underside of a fish and slapping it on to another and see how it comes out lol...i don't think it will look anything like mine wink.gif and if you want to try take some pics like mine...hold the camera at the bottom edge of the front panel and angle the camera towards the centre of the surface of the water. hope that makes sense

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it's the last post on page 1, i think someone else deleted a post & it shifted pages, IIRC it WAS on page 2..

What he said, I had a look but it was gone..


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