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Convict fry


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Gday Prince,

I think it depends on what you want to do with the fry. If you want to raise them then i would get them into a grow out tank very soon, although, that is really depending on how big they are. I find with my cons, that if i take them away from the parents too soon, they all die on me, but if i leave them with them for about a month, or approx 5mm to 1cm in length then take them out, they seem to do fine, making sure i start off with water from the original tank, and gradually getting them used to newer water.

If you are not going to grow them up, then leaving them in there will be a nice treat for all the other fish, but this can lead to un-necessary aggression from the parents.

Keep an eye on them, if they seem as thought they arent harming the other fish too much, then just keep things as they are, but if they are physically marking/attacking the other fish, remove the fry asap.



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