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tank cabinet


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I think it really depends on the decor of your current furniture. You can use something to compliment it, or something to contrast the current theme that way the tank and cabinet stands out from the rest. But in saying this, you would want something really pleasing on the eyes as a large fish tank does draw the eye soon as you walk into a room. (well, maybe for us fish loonies anyway....lol)

Not much help there in the way of finish's, but some idea on what to think about when choosing a finish.

Cheers, Alan.

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I use RM williams chestnut boot polish. I does take 2 coats and alot of patience but it does look good. It has a dark wood appearance but not glossy and it blends in with dark coloured walls (which I have) emphasing the tank not the furniture. Unfortunately I don't have any photos but I am happy with it.



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