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I have two 5 inch frontosas and 4 3 inchers and all are very thin. Around two weeks ago i ran out of food so i improvised a bit but they didnt take to it. now that i have gone back to their regular diet, they aren't taking to it again either. this is very distressing for both me and the frontosa.

also, i have recently changed the water chemistry by adding marble chips and i removed 2 larger ones about a week ago. they seemed to be thin as well. also, i was very busy and didnt two water changes for a little while so my nitrates were pretty high.

i am feeding them flake and bloodworm and have previously had no troubles with these foods.

can someone please suggest a remedy for my frontosas as i have a feeling things will only get worse from here if i dont do anything soon.

thank you!

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i've just gone through the exact same procedure, except mine are still eating but just no where near as much as they were before. i dont think theres any cure for this because i used to own fronnies and one time i caught them out and transfered them to another tank they never ate the same ever again.

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Have a close look around the anus of the fish - your looking for any signs of worms. To me, thats what it sounds like, however it is hard to advise a course of treatment for something that sounds like it could be one of many different problems.

First thing I would definately try though is raise the temp to 28, and add rock salt. If it is some parasite, this will speed up its metabolism/shorten it's lifespan and hopefully make it more obvious to see what the true problem is.

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Hi JJHamer,

I have found over the years that my frontosa go through periods where they become very fussy about what they eat even though they have been eating that particular food on a regular basis.

Have you tried some live food at all?

I have used small feeder goldfish on occassions with great success, you may find that they don't eat them straight away but will slowly but surely get them one by one or clean earthworms always get them excited, once they are eating again you can probably start back with your regular foods, I would also try to add a good brand of cichlid pellets to their diets, flake may be getting too much of a hasssle for the frontosa to bother with.

Check out Ducksta's theory also.

Hope you get it sorted soon.


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Worms aren't necessarily contageous. It is still very possable that your Fronnies have worms and your other fish don't. I agree with ducksta that they may have worms (you dont have to see the worms coming out of the anus for them to have worms). I don't think it will do too much harm to treat your fish for worms even if it turns out they dont have them. I used to treat my discus monthly without any problems. (not to say you wont have any problems, some times fish react badly).

Medication: Praziquantel (aquamaster) I believe it is 1 tablet per 20 lrs

When i worm fish i put in 3 worm feeders (2 at either end and one in the middle), disolve the tablets in a container with water, put live blackworms in the fedders, then when the fish are scoffing out pour the treatment in the feeders. This allows the treatment to get into the stomach of the fish. If treatment doesn't get into the stomach the treatment won't work. You dont have to use live blackworms but ive found that most fish scoff it down.

It should not have much affect on the running of your tank as long as you do a big water change around 3 days after treatment. It is a good idea to repeat treatment a couple of weeks after original treatment.

Sorry if you know this already but i thaught id mention it incase others havn't done it before.

Anthony thumb.gif

PS: Yea i'd try what Ducksta said first though

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