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Wat price and where for Six Barred DISTICHODUS


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Yo yo

anyone collect these wonderful fish??

Six Barred Distichodus , aka Distichodus sexfasciatus

i only have one but read up that they like to be in a school

so i have been looking around for some but unable to find any

so just wondering where got and how much


oh...got my only one for 200

seemed reasonable since the last one i saw was 375


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Hi timberland and Tam,

They grow to 30+ inches. Native to the Congo - also found in Lake Tanganyika. Common names are Six-barred Distichodus, Short-nosed Clown Tetra and Tanganyikan Distichodus (Distichodus tanganicae = Distichodus sexfasciatus).

user posted image

You could try sooty as I was happy with the one I purchased from him a while back. Price was very competitive too wink.gif

merjo smile.gif

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Hey can anyone give me anymore info about these six barred distichodus coz i bought 3 and one has grown to about 6 inch and the other two are only about 3 inches long...they were all the same size when i got em. What are their ideal diets for rapid growth. Tanman@aanet.com.au

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i only have 1


do ur 3 swim together or separately?

so far mine eats evreything and anything

prawns when i feed my sts and bichirs

pellets for my bichirs and catfish

floating pellets

sinking pellets

algae off my drift wood


is that normal


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ya mine kinda eat anything as well. I do give em lettice a lot and some pallets etc. No mine don't swim together. the big one chases the lil two around the place and seems to be annoyed by the other 2. must be a big bully syndrome or something. Most of the time they just hide and eat and craP.

They are fairly peacefull fish i was told and they apparently grow up to 3 feet long. They seem to be growing fairly slow at this point in time...

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