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Neolamprologus brichardi and Tropheus


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Hi All,

Currently I have around 20 Neolamprologus brichardi (fairy cichlid) in 6x2x2, and I am thinking of buying Tropheus moorii ilangi. Can I put them in the same tank?

One thing which makes me think twice is Neolamprologus brichardi is omnivore while Tropheus moorii ilangi is herbivore. Is it okay if I feed them spirulina flakes and frozen brine shrimp?

Thank you,


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hey tony,

i have kept them together, i had some in a 5 foot and the brichardi took over when breeding, the tropheus were juveniles at the time but still twice the size of the brichardi, the brichardi wouldnt let them near the rockpiles when there were fry around

i have others in an 8x2.5x2.5 and they get along fine si i would say a 6x2x2 will be ok

i personally wouldnt feed tropheus brine shrimp, stick to NLS 1mm cichlid formula and spirulina for tropheus

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