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Why is it ?


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Why is it that all the fish i like are aggressive ???

I have a 4"2"2 Tank and currently have

5 x Frontosers 1 x 15cm and 4 x 5cm

2 x Red emperas 12cm each

3 x Princess Barchardi 4cm each

1 x BN cat fish 9cm

I am keen to get some new fish to add to my display tank and all the fish i seam to like the look of are to aggressive.....

What are your thought on what i can/should add to my tank to give it a new look.

To give you an idear of what i was looking at was- Blue Demasoni, Jaguar,

I was thinking Afra Cobue ?? Red top black bar ?? Xmas fulu ?? Electric yellow ??

Any idears would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers BMR

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Princess Brichardi are just agressive by nature but maybe the Frontosas/Protomelas may need more space once they get bigger? What is the male/female ratio?

My preference for stocking a tank is to add a few species of fish of the same lake but different specialisations - like electric yellow (rock dweller), white lip mdoka (open sand blue follower) & Protomelas Steveni Taiwan reef (intermediate zone) and then add a rocky area with open area in tank.

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I have a 5x 2x 2.5 tank which has about 50+ mixed cichlids (mostly different species with a few larger groups) in it, I have had them for about the last 2 years and have found that none of them have argued with each other at all. when I do my water changes I take the 60+kg of rocks of the tank, and rearrange them when they go back in, I think this could be a reason why they don't fight- that they aren't able to set up their own territories. Don't know if this is helpful information to you but, that's what i do with my tank.

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