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Filtration 5 x 2 x 2


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Hi all,

I know this seems like a very common question but i have done quite abit of searching and havn't really had my question answered,

I am setting up my 5 x 2 x 2 tank after moving around rental properties for a couple of years and i havn't used it, finally bought a house, so i filled it up, and put on my 2 old aqua one filters and both seem to be leaking slowly around the hose connections and where the power cord comes out.

Now i could try and fix them but with new carpet in the house i am going the safer option of buying a new filter.

With a pretty limited budget right now i am hoping to get away with 1 eheim 2217 .

Now it says recommended for tanks up to 600l, but then i read the filter should turn the whole tank atleast 2-3 times and hour which at 1000lph the eheim will not do.

I am planning on having young tangs to watch them grow and develop,

Would this filter maybe do for now and at another eheim 2217 on in a year or 2 as the bio load increases?

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Best option IMHO is setup a 2-3ft sump if you have the room. Easily done if you pick up a cheap 2-3ft tank. Other wise fix up your aquaone. I had the same issue and went down to my LFS and picked up some spares got it fixed been good ever since :)

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