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what would you put in a pond


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hey all ive got a pond 2.3m x1.2 x 600..i was going to use it as a growout pond but now im thinking i might put something different in it and have a crack at breeding them in it.

what would you put in a pond if you had the chance.

cheers boydie

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If i lived in cairns... and heating wasn't an issue....i would fill it with as many species of Veijas (paratheraps) as i could.

( Central americans)






maybe some Big pearsii

or Boccourti (Herichthys)

maybe a big pair of "Texas"

All these blokes get on great if you keep them in numbers.

and feed em lots of greens...( none of these are piscavores).

At feeding time your pond would Boil with all the colours of the rainbow. dont give em any logs or rocks so they cant fight over hiding places...

As most of these fish all get up around 30 + cms it would resemble one of those big Koi Ponds only with much more character..

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