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Advice on a canister filter


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My Fluval 405 is no longer with me and I need a replacement canister filter for a 4' x 2' x 18" tank,

I found the Fluval quite a good filter.

The downside was it was often a total pain to prime and get started, plus the section holding the sponge filters would get sucked down into the canister so hard it was a huge struggle to get it out to clean.

So if I may I would like to ask:

Has anyone tried the new 06 series Fluvals? Are these areas an improvement?

They seem to have higher flow rates so the 306 would probably suffice?

What other filter around the same capacity is recommended?

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Gonna have to agree on the Eheim as well im afraid. Top notch canisters and reliable as anything. I am also running a fluval 305 and its a good filter but if you need to buy a new one eheims the way to go.

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