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eartheater id?


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I think these are called gianacara geayii..(from memory)

I think thomas wiedner says they come from French Guiana


They are in the eartheaters book... but i lent it to somebody and, of course, i havent got it back.

Who's got these????

if they are for sale mate... snap em up!!!! and all the fry too!!!!!!!

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tried to snap em up, unfortunatly they are sold but i get the feeling the guy just got the pic off google, i can't imagine someone buying a species so rare by accident

and yeah i agree some species of gianacara

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Don't be so sure about the rare species thing.

I was once sold geo argyristictus aripuns as rio areos.

Thats how they became available in NSW.

I shipped em over from Perth from a young guy.

I have no Idea were he got em from.

He also sent me over what he said were BAHIA REDS which turned out to be

a particularly red bunch of brasiliensis. They could have been Iporongensis.

They were all females from memory...so it was difficult to get a good ID.

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