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Nannochromis transvestitus


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These guys have been driving me crazy.Ive had many adults and tried to pair them over a couple of years.All that did was create carnage.These guys are seriously nasty,esp the females,even in big tanks for their size.

As I should have done from the start Ive raised 6 juvies and now have a harmonious pair:):)

Now Ive just got to get the water right (topic of another thread)

Any advice from breeders would be appreciated !!!!!

Females are lovely,males pretty dull (hence the name)



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mine fought a lot and wouldn't breed until I put in a small pot with the open side down and the whole at the bottom (now the top) opened out so the female could just fit though it. The pot was very small, not much taller than the female is long. The pair stopped fighting and have been spawning away in there ever since.


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