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New 5x2x1 American Tank Help Needed


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I have just bought a 5 x 2 x 1 tank that i plan on stocking with American Cichlids

I have never kept cichlids before as i've never had enough room for a big enough tank.

I plan on getting a aqua one nautilus 1400 canister filter for the tank

Im wondering what people recomend i stock it with, I would prefer some of the larger ones but also don't want just one fish in the tank.

I like oscars but from what ive read i can only have one in a tank my size and there fairly aggressive to other fish.

I was thinking of

2x Gold Severum

2x Green Severum

4x Firemouth

(Sorry i dont know the scientific names)

Is this to many fish? or can i have more in there?

Will they get along?

I also like the blue Texas and Jack Dempsy but i understand they are fairly aggressive and don't get along well with other fish

As you can tell im new to the hobby and have lots of questions and require some guidance from those much more experenced then me

Thank You

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In my opinion, your tank is not wide enough for most of the larger cichlids (not enough turning space) and this includes oscars & severums. Also please run either an airstone, venturi or a spray bar as you surface area/depth ratio (the lungs of your tank) is not ideal.

Anyways moving on, there is no reason why you can't have some really nice neotropicals. Firemouths are a good choice. Cryptoheros spp., rainbows cichlids, are also good options.

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oops i think i wrote my tank dimensions the wrong way around. I know its a wide tank, as my dad picked up for me last weekend and he commented on how wide it was. I ve yet to see it as it is a my parents place in sydney

Its 5ft long 2 ft wide and 1 ft high

ive edited my post so the dimensions are the right way around

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That is an unusually shallow tank! Unfortunately, in my opinion at least, the tank is too shallow for most adult larger Americans.

Stick to medium sized to smaller cichlids and you wil be ok I think.

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