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Afra Cobue assessment


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hey guys i just bought some fully grown Cynotilapia afra Cobue, yesterday and was hoping that some of you WITH EXPERIENCE with this species can give me some feedback on the quality based on these pics;

the male had really good colour but i'm not sure about the shape, is it good?

P.S. sorry about the poor quality of the pictures which were taken with my phone.

Male afra Cobue






3 female afra Cobue



thanks Dazz.

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hmmm He does have goodcolour in the first couple of photos and the shape look OK but the fish in the bottom 2 photos don't look right. They could just be old. here is my male at different stages of his life.



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I'd agree. The first looks like a well coloured male well shaped. The next 3 look like subdominant males though. and the snout is a bit pointy. If you can find females from a different bloodline, that would be ideal.

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I think Rosco is on the right track with their shape and they are old.

Aussie have you got a link to the article that you were reading. I know that Cynotilapia zebroides has been reclassified as Microchromis zebroides but had not heard anything about C. afra.

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thanks Yabbie.

well another one has coloured up now that he is the dom male but it doesn't look as good as the one i took out.

now i just need more available tanks to take him out and see what happens with the other 2

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