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alto comp mouth stuck


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hi everyone,

i just noticed this morning that one of my alto comp firefin has a unusual looking mouth, it looks like it is stuck in the position when they extend there mouth.

is there a way to fix it without any risk or damage? what should i do?

(can't quite get an image as it is always hiding in it's cave but found one that explains my problem)


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This could be 1 of 2 things

1 it could be a deformity in the fish itself as i have seen a few comps with this same deformity

2 your firefin has dislocated its jaw a problem more often found in oscars but if this is the case and the fish hasn't always been like this try pushing its jaw back in with a ear bud/cotton bud whatever they are called i've done this to an oscar before and he was fine after a few days


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