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Help with Mechanical Filtration for behind 3D Background


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G'day guys,

I have a tank that measures 1600mm (L) X 550mm (W) X 600mm (D). I have a 3d Background installed which sits out about 260mm from the back of the tank.

I have an FX5 Filter and the intake is attached to the rear glass directly in the middle behind the 3D background.

I have started noticing that there is an awful lot of detritus building up behind the background at the outer edges. It is very difficult to get a vacum down there due to the shape of the backgrond curving in and out. There is also plumbing for the 2 filter outakes which makes it even more difficult.

Just wondering if you guys can suggest any small internal filters that work well with mechanical filtration which I can sit at the bottom rear corners?

Help is much appreciated as always.

Cheers, Joe

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Just try a simple small air stone in between the glass and background this should create enough flow


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