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Need advice on stocking a 5 or 6ft

Steve G

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Hi guys,

I've been interested in Tanganyikans for quite a while due to their interesting behaviour and colourations. So this has brought me to wanting to set-up a 5ft or 6ft tank. After a bit of researching I've found a few species of fish that I'd like to stock it with, however I'm no tang expert and unsure as to how they would cope together...

This is what I'm thinking:

10(give or take) x Cyp. Leptisoma's

5-6 x Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis

5-6 x Enantiopus or Xenotilapia

2 x Calvus or comps

3 x Julidochromis Ornatus or transcriptus (not sure of what other rock dwellers would suit this setup/are colourful)

2 x Gobi cichlids, probably tanganicodus irsacae or Eretmodus cyanostictus

3-5 x Lamprologus Similis or caudopunctatus

Also, is there any suitable smallish catfish that house well with tangs such as corys/bnose? I know that corys/bnose dont generally like the high ph or hardness of tangs, but is it possible? If not thats fine, I've just always enjoyed my catties, especially corys haha and it would be nice to have a cleanup crew other than sydontis (not keen on them as they would make short work of any possible fry/eggs) smile.gif

As for filtration I'd be setting up a 3ft sump.

As for substrate, I have crushed coral set up in another tank to maintain a high PH and hardness, would that be appropriate for the above stocklist? or would it be a bit too sharp for the sandsifters? If so, what would be the recommendation?

Sorry for the bazillion questions lol, any help is greatly appreciated smile.gif


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fish list sounds great to me, but i would go synodontus petricola or multipunctatus , lets face it; if the synos dont get the fry the calvus/comps will...

i dont know sydney washed sand but i use pool filter sand, i like the colour and the grain size means no anaerobic "dead" patches forming. i use crushed coral in my filters and have limestone rocks.

and more shellies......in fact more of everything, i get at least 6 fish and wait for a pair , then i remove the extras if they are causing a problem, in a 6 foot you could potentially have multiple breeding pairs with enough room for several territories.

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hmmm, yeah that is true. If i spot the fry soon enough i should be sweet anyway.

yeah i've heard a lot about the pool filter sand, ill give that a crack! :)

Im planning to add a fair bit of rockwork to the pile so there shouldnt be too many problems, just wanted to be conservative just in case ;)

The main concern was the sandsifters due to them needing large amounts of space, but going off your response i should be fine so thats good to hear!

Thanks for the advice!

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