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how do i add photos to my posts


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Hi All

I am trying to add photos to my posts.

I click on the image icon and it asks for a URL. I try to add this and the form itself closes down or I try to add the Document address and "Internet Explorer" tells me it wont allow ActiveX or scripts to access my computer.

I can only appologise for being a Technosaur but i just want to add a couple of photos :wallbash::dntknw:

Its becoming frustrating.

Thanks in advance.


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You will need to upload photos to a photo hosting site such as photobucket and then use the URL for the image to post it here. Alternatively follow these instructions courtesy of Fongyfong.

1) Go to My Controls

2) Then click "your album" in the Invision Gallery

3) Then click "Click Here to create your album"

4) Make a album, a name and album description,

5) Check the box so the public can see it

6) Click "Create Album"

7) Then under controls select the operation "Click upload image"

8) Add a caption and message for your image

9) Upload your image by clicking browse and selecting the file you want

10)Then click post image

11)Now go back to album manager and click view your image

12) Then right click on your image and select "copy shortcut" or "copy image location". That's is the URL to your image

13) In your post select the icon of the little tree and paste in this URL. Alternatively you can type your URL between the img code as and put your URL here[/img ]

I hope that helps.

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