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American Cichlids


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Hi topogigo, the Rostratum is Beautiful aint it! :thumb I wish that we had a more wider varitey of Sth & Nth & Cent American cichlids here in oz.

Then people wont be so bored with them or say that there just big aggressive tankbusters wit attitude & no colour!! It seems that everyone has just gone african crazy!! cos of there colour! I think that Americans have alot of colour & especially personality! we just dont have enough variety down under, which is ashame really, cos there are so many & not all tankbusters either with awesome colours.

Anyways i dont mean to start another debate bout africans & american cichlids, I think that ALL Cichlids are Awesome!! fullstop. :zipit:

I meant to ask you what about Gymnogeophagus Meridionalis, have you seen any of these Beautiful guys around?


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