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cleaning and recycling ?


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what is the safest way to clean and recycle filter materials like matrix ,jap mat,sponges and bio balls

so it can be used at a later date.?

it is very hard to get anything to truly dry properly up here due to such high humidity.

i go through alot of filter mat and throw it out and it seems such a waste.


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If you need to store stuff in a sealed plastic storage box, there is a thing called a 'Closet Camel'. It is a plastic tub with water attracting salts in it. You rip off the foil lid and place it where you want it. The salts attract so much water that the tub fills up. It is good for sealed places that would otherwise trap humidity. I think they sell them at the super market. Mum used them when our family was in Darwin.

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thanks mattrox !

its mainly the matrix i have trouble getting totally dry. i have recently done alot of juggling about and pulled out some

used matrix i had previously stored and it seemed very musty .I pressure clean it in a drum and lay it in the sun for a day or so

same with the jap mat , just trying to avoid any bad critters .

Merry Xmas !!!!!!!


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