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Lake Malawi+Pleco?


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Hi Guys, I am new to this site so excuse me if I am not following a specific format or anything.

I have recently set up my 4ft tank that Is currently housing the following fish:

1 Rainbow shark

2 Electric Yellow cichlid

2 Albino Labidochromis cichlid

1 Albino goldspot pleco

I just bought the pleco today and he was quite an expensive fish. My question is, should I be worried about my pleco getting attacked by the other fish?

After placing the pleco into the tank this afternoon, the electric yellows were slightly nipping at the guy. Since then, the pleco seems to have taken refuge under a piece of driftwood that is in my tank. The driftwood is currently housed by my rainbow shark that keeps it as his territory. The shark doesn't seem to be fussed by the pleco and actually appears to be defending it(along with his territory) when the electric yellows(which are barely 4cm in length) approach the log.

Should I be worried at all that my fish will attack and even kill my pleco?

My local aquarium said I shouldn't have any problems, is this true?



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Thankyou for replying,

The Pleco looks to be 8-9cm, whilst the electric yellows are around half the size. My albino labs are around the same size as the pleco, however they don't seemed fussed by him. Actually one of the albino's is often next to the pleco showing no signs of aggression. My shark is relatively the same size as the Pleco.

What hiding spots other then driftwood do you recommend?

Thanks again,


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My mate has a pleco in with yellows mainganos elec blues lethrinops yellow collar and a few others

It seems to get left alone

On the other hand i have noticed that fish are more prone to eat albino catfish than common

Cheers rowie

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