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Feeding African Cichlids - What's OK and What's Not


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In the video I describe what types of food are OK for African Cichlids and what types are bad.

Food I forgot to mention in the video that's OK are Brine Shrimp and Krill.

Most African Cichlids including Mbuna will eat fish eg: Small fry. The Larger predators of the Lake ie Haps will eat larger fish, crabs and other encrustations.

Food in the video.


New Life Spectrum Cichlid formula (NLS)

Dainichi Color Supreme and Ultima Krill

New Era Cichlid Pellets African.

Link to home made African Cichlid food below:

Here's the video Link :)

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No video link I can see here.. I guess it would be better for people to know which food is ok for which african cichlid.

I feed my mbuna SERA FLORA Flakes and feed my tangs completely different stuff.

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That's great. We don't have New Era over here yet. Any first hand information about the food is good to have.

How about a video where you show how much food you put in the tank and the fish eating it. You could shoot footage of feeding several types of food, large spirulina pellets that they pick at, normal pelleted food, peas, home made food and edit it in a sequence. This would show not only how much food you give but also show thier piggish feeding behaviour.

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