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Fast growing annual killifish


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Just restarting this thread in a more appropriate place

Thats some nice photos of a nice fish :notworthy: As far as fast growing fish goes this fish (an annual killifish) can grow 10 cm in 6-8 weeks making it one of the fastest growing vertebrates,but also one of the shortest lived. They spend most of their life in peatmoss in a cupboard in my fishroom :blink :blink IMG_2622.jpg
How long do they live for in an aquarium? I know in the wild they dont last long, but i heard in an aquarium they can last a bit longer

This fish can last 6-8 months if kept very cool.They are very aggressive and cannibalistic and a difficult member of a difficult family.

The fish below lasts longer and is peaceful,one of the most colourul freshwater fish.Nothobranchius rachovii


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