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Will Marble Bn Females breed with Albino males


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I would suggest that given albinoism is recessive, that the fry will carry the recessive gene so the fry would just be calico's. This has happened with my normal BN's breeding with albino females. But then if the fry were bred with calico's again then you might get a 50/50 split. Although you may end up with with some other weird ratio, but I am not an expert.



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Jump over to planet catfish for a really good explanation on bn genetics.

The bn here are often referred to as ancistrus sp. 3 and the colour morphs are just line bred variations. That will readily cross back through.

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yes they'll happily breed with each other.

My understanding is that the albino and calico mutations are both recessive so

- if your females are visually showing as calico they carry a pair of calico genes

- if your males are visually albino they carry a pair of albino genes

- assuming the calicos are not also carrying albino genese and vice versa all of the progeny will 'look' like neither of their parents but will look just like 'normal' bristlenose

With a bit of careful breeding and a few generations you could eventually get a fish with two albino genes *and* two calico genes but I've heard reported that rather than some sort of visual mix of the two you'd find that despite them being both recessive mutations the albinism supresses the calico so your fish woudl simply look like an albino

Unfortunately... it won't take all that many generations before you lose any track at all of the genetic background for your fish

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