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Pest Extermination


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Not a hitman with a base ball bat [lol]

anybody had a problem with white ants in the fish room?

i noticed the tell tale sign of white ants in the room today.

somewhere i've read not to disturb them or else they'll disapear, only to turn up some other place.

best to leave them alone untill they can be treated.[ hopefully without evacuating the fish room.]

anyone had to deal with this problem?

cheers; Colin

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very important, i made that mistake .

Are you renting or did you buy?

If you are renting just tell the landlord to deal with it.

If the house is yours

Get a few pest people around to check it out, chances are they are in more places than just the fish room. There is a product called extera that is capeable of killing a nest, not cheap at all. Probably up for 4 to 5k for the 1st year 2k a year after that.

Most other products will kill them on touch and do little more than slow down the process.

Hope you are renting

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