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6 x 2 x 2ft Tang Setup


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TANK SIZE/VOLUME: 680lt with 90lt sump

FILTRATION: Sump running 3500lt per hour powerhead. 4 stage filtration.

SUBSTRATE: 2mm crushed black granite.

ROCKS/DECOR: misc rocks, one large piece of driftwood, one medium sized Malaysian rootwood, giant val

BACKGROUND: Universal rocks background.

HEATING: 2 x 300w aquaone heaters.

LIGHTING: 2 x twin 3ft T5s.


STOCKLIST (SPECIES/NUMBERS): Tropheus Ilangi x 12 (8cm). Tropheus moliro x 11 (8-9cm). Black calvus pair (m 8-10cm f 6-8cm). Gold comps pair (m 10-12cm f 4-5cm). Yellow Leleupi x 2 (6cm). Buescheri male 8-10cm (lost female due to his aggression)


BUFFERS/SALTS: Aquasonic rift lake, aquasonic carbonate hardness, seachem prime.

PH/KH/GH/TEMP: ph 8.3, kh 12, gh 20, temp 26 degrees





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Need a new camera to be able to take decent photos of the fish!

I have stripped two Moliro's, one had 12 eggs, 10 survived and have heads and tails, the second one has 10 eggs all with heads and tails - all growing well.

This was within one week of them being in the tank.

Planning on new rocks being put in, they were just old rocks laying around, we havent been rock shopping yet.

The wood will be staying the same, might put a little more val in.

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If you plan on breeding tropheus put them in seperate tanks as they will cross breed

same goes for the gold comps and black calvus

If you want to breed these fish seperate them cause if the tropheus crossbreed you won't know till there about 5 cm and by then you would have moved them on to some unsuspecting buyer

Cheers rowie

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