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what is the best way to polish water?


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I find that a lot of water flow in the tank shows the particle up. They float around in the water column.

In the past I have used pillow stuffing in the filter and that seems to do a good job, but it needs replacing often. I have never been able achieve highly polished water in a malawi tank. I think overfeeding and high stocking rates don't help.

A diatomaceous earth filter reportedly polished the water really well. But I haven't bothered with this method.

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I prefer not to spend the money on purigen and do more pwcs and use pillow stuffing and put up with a couple floaties. Lol

Yeah its expensive to buy to start with .. but it last years. And one of the best bio/mechanical medias out there specially for controlling ammonia spikes.

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Sounds a lot like a no with their use of the word immediately. Though some other research says its possible but polyfiller will not recommend it. Actually sounds a lot like purigen, if it were rechargable I might give it a shot.


When the POLY-FILTER turns DARK in color, it is still operating effectively and does not have to be replaced. However, when it begins to turn brownish in color, it should be removed, discarded and immediately replaced with a new POLY-FILTER.

In those situations where the POLY-FILTER has been subjected to heavy waste product loads for prolonged periods; i.e. ammonia levels ranging from 0.50-1.50 parts per million or higher, and the aquarium water continues to appear yellowish-green in color or cloudy in appearance, then the filter is no longer effective and should be discarded and replaced

immediately with a new POLY-FILTER.

Note on polyfiller for planted aquariums:

If your adding fertilizers or additives they will take them out in a similar way to carbon!!! Only disadvantage!!! But very useful for emergencies!!!

Found it here: http://www.irishfishkeepers.com/index.php/fforum/8-water-and-health/45109-polyfilter

Looks like a good discussion on it.

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