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Help, poor water quality, 'floaties' from nls


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hey guys,

i have had this tank running for about 2-3 year. i have always had really good water quality. very clear. i have always fed nls also.

i run 2 2217's and an internal filter full of wool

in the last 2 months water quality has really took a turn for the worse. i have been getting, what i call floaties on the surface of the water. the only thing put in to the water is food and it has never done it before. the fish wont eat it, so i dont believe its left over food. even though i did start a new bucket of nls around the time it started. i did notice is wasnt the same colour as the previous bucket. more brown rather then a browny red colour. other from that nothing else has changed it my maintenance routine. what do you guys think i could be?


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Did you clean your filter(s) recently? What is your frequent water change? What is your stock level?

I think as fishes become more mature, system may become overloaded, you may need to do a bigger water change.

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My theory is that dissolved organic compounds cause this. I'd be trying a very large water change, followed by activated carbon run for a week. It is then taken out and another big water change is done. This should bring DOC's right down to zero.

The other thing it might be is a result of the natural oils from the food's ingerdients. You mention it was a different bucket. If the oils oxidise and break down the residue is 'soapy' causing the appearence you see on the surface of the water. This would only occur if there is a build up. Following the above will clear up the the situation. I doubt the food will have had this happen as a new bucket would be sealed.

Either scenario requires a build up of resides, either from fish waste or uneaten food. Stuff building up in canisters is one cause, over feeding, over stocking.... etc.

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How are you mate

I get the same thing in a tank that i keep near a window

But the floaries as you call them that i get are a form of algae from to much sun and not enough surface movement

Easy to fix a big water change and an internal filter near the surface should keep it under control

Cheers rowie

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ive sort of got the same thing put its not on the top its foating through water (floaties)

ive got a 4fter with a aqua 2200 filter

the filter is alot of pressure

is that why its not setterling on the top

and would i need to do the same thing big water changes plus followed by activated carbon run for a week (WHAT IS THIS??)

im only a newbie

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