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Bristlenose from LiveFish


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G'day people,

Thought I would share an experience with LiveFish.

First time to use this online store and I ordered:

  1. Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus) Small (Center)
  2. Anubias Nana - Miniature (Center)
  3. Amazon Swords Small 10-12cm (Center)
  4. Bristlenose Catfish 2-3cm Ancistrus x 5
  5. Giant Ambulia Bunch

I ordered all of these on the sunday just gone. Recieved them about 10 minutes ago.

The fish are all really healthy looking and swimming well. They are a little smaller then I thought, but I think they are within the 2-3cm. Was just I was picturing bigger.

The Plants all came in one bag and I was a bit worried at first looking at the size. But when I put them in my tank they all filled out nicely and althou the Anubias Nana - Miniature looked much like normal anubias, i am not so sure about plants to be honest.. it does look like it hasn't grown as high as normal anubias.

So all in all quite happy, I would order from them again I'd say.

Oh and I got a free kids ticket to Underwater World, bit of a bonus.

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I am in Narangba, I got them from LiveFish.com.au

I lost two of the poor buggers because of my own stupidity. I had them in a container inside the tank because i thought they would be too small so i was planning on fattening them up.

But yeah not enough water flow through the container i had them in and yeah 2 didn;t make it through the night. I let the other 3 out into the tank and they have been going nuts on the algae. I just hope I still got a male female in the mix, thats why I got 5 in the first place.

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They didnt give a stuff, cause they claimed it was not caused by their fish. Even when I told them the fish were half the size of the advertised size they refused to believe it. If I treated the people who Ihave sold fish to like this I couldnt sleep at night. I even remember replacing 100 bristlenose free of charge to a wholesaler who claims they lost fish from me. Needless to say they continued to buy fish from me.

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