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Stocking for tang set up


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Hi guys,

looking to stock a tang display set up tank is 70(l)x40(w)x45(h) 126L (33G)

This is going to be at my girlfriends house therefore looking for peaceful species we have had colonies of blues, flamebacks, venestus and other display in there before but usual problem is the tank is too small therefore looking for some peaceful tangs

Therefore was thinking the following

Xenotilapia sp with Cyprichromis Sp

Cyps thinking Malasa not sure what Xeno and if they would go any questions also thinking Callochromis but was thinking a sand sifter bottom dweller and a mid to upper water fish like the cyps

was thinking around 6 of each

Opinions ideas more than welcome


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How r u mate

Xeno males can be quite aggressive towards each other especially when there are girls around And require quite a larger footprint something like a 4x2x2 would be as small as i'd go for xenos unless you plan on selling off the girls and making it a display ( in which case give me a call i'll take the girls lol)

Dont see the 2 species having any trouble in the same tank as you said one sits high the other low my main concern would be the xenos aggression towards each other asthat size tank doesnt give them far to run and hide from the dominant male

All and all these fish will do quite well together id just try convince the misses to get a bigger tank

Good luck

Cheers rowie

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except it may be a little small for a large amount of cyps.

To mix it up how about, alto compressiceps sumbu (shellie comps) a julie pair of choice, a few pairs of occies. maybe a single gobie. maybe a small school of max 10 cyps,

thats the good thing about tangs, there is so much variety, though the bigger the tank the larger variety you can have.

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