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gold comp question


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Leave them alone. they stick to the side of the cave/shell/barnacle, so it wil be impossible to tumble them without causing damage getting them off. they arnt mouthbrooders so you cant really take them 'out" of them.

The female should be able to defend them fine. ive noticed it takes around 3 weeks for them to become free swimming. When you notice free swimming fry, pull them out, or if they are in a shell pull the shell and put them in there own tank.

Im going by calvus by the way so im not sure if there is too much of a difference, because they are a very similar species.

It often depends on what other tankmates you have in there, tank size ect.

More info woud help.

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sorry my son wrote the first post what he meant to ask was '

today we took a shell out of the gold comps tank expecting fry but it had eggs we were curious weather to leave the shell full of eggs in the fry saver

or return it to the female

its a 3 foot tank with 5 gold comps

btw we returned the shell and the female started to protect it again

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hi, Great to hear that they are breeding for you.. i have breeding comps and calvus myself and a few others,i'm no expert but hey they breed.

Our method is exactly as Cooder explains above.they should turn out just fine.

Keep us updated.

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