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how much aquasonic conditioner and carb hardness in 200l barrel?


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hey guys

i use the aquasonic brand of carbonate generator and rift lake conditioner salts from age of aquariums.

just wanted to know how much you guys add to a 200l ageing barrel for your tang parameters?

i have just been adding to taste. I use a tablespoon (15ml). If someone can tell me how many tablespoons of each to use it would be fantastic.



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i also use these products, and fill a 200l drum..

i dont understand what you mean by adding to taste?

personally i use 60g rift lake conditioner and 40g carbonate generator

to acheive approx pH 8 kH 12 gH 16 using adelaide water which is reasonably hard to begin with

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i use my own mix rift lake salt 1 teaspoon to 20 litres which gives me ph 7.8 kh8 gh11+ and am currently trialling my own mix of kh generator which so far is 1 teaspoon to 70 litres raises kh by 3degrees kh

Have also made a Tang rift lake mix am trialling this weekend

I do sell my rift lake mix @ $10 per kg

Cheers John

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Hi Dan

I add 1/3 cup of Rift lake and 2/3 cup of Carbonate Hardness generator ($6 a kg, cant go wrong)

I used to add just 1/3 cup of each but the starting point has changed (water from the tap) so Ive had to increase it)...I didnt realise until I tested my tank water again recently and found my water was softer than I thought

The bottom line is to check your water every now and then


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