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Dual Air pump


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HI all,

I just had to say that I am totally impressed with the air pump I just picked up from BigW. I had to set up another tank for a belligerent Convict and had run out of air supply so I headed down to BigW and picked up a dual pump with adjustment for $15.98. Not expecting anything flash, I am really surprised with the quality. It has metal outputs (which I think are stainless) and pumps out heaps of air - nearly too much on minimum setting - and is quiet also.

As far as I'm concerned, it is heaps better than the Aquaone 7500 that I have and is way better than the other generic pumps that I have been using which are starting to drive me nuts with the noise they produce.

Hopefully, it will go the distance and not become another annoying noise.

So for anyone needing a quick air pump fix, I recommend heading down to BigW and getting one.

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