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I'm thinking about throwing some duckweed in my malawi breeding tanks, and just wondering what everyone's experiences and reccomendations are?

I'll be mainly using it to reduce nitrates, just wondering if it is worth it (i.e. will it make a noticeable difference), and will the fish over eat it or just nibble at it here and there?



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I have duckweed in most of my tanks.....

don't think it would last long in a Malawi tank.....they'll eat it

Great food for goldfish, rainbows, malawi cichlids

Certainly agree with above.I introduced it by accident and it can be a pain clogging filters starving plants for light making the glass ugly after a water change.The Aussie rainbows love it (espTrifasciata) but not all the New Guinea ones(boesmani,lacustrus,incisus etc)

The plant lovers hate it,I think its good and a great nitrogen trap

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