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how long will she hold?


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Hi Rob,

They will be free swimming at around 21 days. But electric yellows are the best mothers going and won't release them until they feel they will be safe. I have had them hold for nearly 30 days and end up really emaciated in a crowded tank. I usually strip them at around day 16 or so, the fry are fairly robust at that stage and can be put in a strainer for a few days until they are free swimming.

Cheers, Doug

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if circumstances allow and you have the spare tank space, strip her after about 14 days mate

the fry will be fine and she will recover quicker as well

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i stripped her after 20 days, and she spat 4 healthy fry (she is only little)

atm I have them in a one ft grow out tank, feed them twice a day on dried flake,

their current size is one cm, how long will it take to get to 3-4cm?


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