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Moving tank


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I need to move a tank, if i put all the current water into a different tank and then put the water back will it be ok to put the fish back in the original tank the same day? any help please adam

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Hi Adam,

I have been doing this recently and I have not had any problems.

I drain almost all of the water out of the tank either into another tank or storage drums. I place either an air stone or the filter from the original tank or both, recommend both, to where I am storing the water. The most important thing is to keep your filter running constantly with the same water it has been filtering.

Next thing move your fish into the same place as your filter and now relocated water.

Before I said drain almost all the water. Make sure you keep the sub straight in your tank submersed. That is if you have any. Allot of the bacteria lives in your sub straight and you don't want to kill it off but removing all the water. Sure this is going to make the tank a little heavier, but your only other option is to remove it into buckets with tank water in it.

Once you have moved you tank put the sub straight back and then start to put some of your water back. Once you have enough water in your tank to keep your fish well submersed move them into the tank and keep adding more water until you can move your filter across. Move your filter and air pump across and continue filling your tank in its new position.

Then say hello to Bob, because he is now your Uncle.....laugh.gif


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