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Have I bought the right peacocks?


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Is this a A.Mozambique?

Male Chirwa Is. juv?

I purchased this little fellow (first image) as a Alocarna (spelling) 'Mozambique'. Is it, as I Havent been able to find out much about these.

Also (second image), I bought this from the fish shop as a juv. A. Chirwa Island male. He? is now about 5-6cm long, but I think it might be a female, or is it too early. It is just that the 'Mozambique' is about 5cm and is showing lots of blue on the face and a nice yellow-green in the body.


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"Mozambique" is not a locality.

There are several peacocks which may fit the mozambique description.

Aulonocara nyassae "Mozambique"

Aulonocara "chitande type mozambique"

Aulonocara stuartgranti "N'Kolonge, Mozambique"

Aulonocara lwanda, Chiwindi, Mozambique

Aulonocara stuartgranti, Chiloelo, Mozambique

And they are the only ones I could quickly find.

You need to find out more info. From the pics, it looks to be a stuartgranti type, but even then it's hard to tell by that picture. Better pics from different angles would be good. I would have said it was a maleri gold or similar.

Whether you live in Australia could make a difference too.

The juvie is nearly impossible to tell. If you had have posted it up to be identified, I would have leaned towards Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "eureka" by the body shape and colour of the fins.

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thanks Andy,

I live in Perth. I will try and get some more photos of the 'Mozambique'. It is a nice docile little fish. I havent seen any more of them around, since this one some 6 months ago.

As for the other one, I had a juv. Eureka red which was different to this one, having the bars but with a sublte red colouration. Will wait and see how this one turns out. I also have a 'otter point' in another tank which is starting to colour up nicely.

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