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ziggy's fish


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No Sarah not breeding the goby.

Breeding female died one year ago.

Was my own fault left the heater out

after a water change and it was a cold night.

She ended up having some bad white spots.

Pity, I'm not doing that mistake again.

Since then I have been chasing another female without success.

I keep looking until I find one.

Cheers Ziggy

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Hi Ziggy

i got a pair through St George Aquarium in Sydney however mine died within weeks of each other , just curious what size tank do you keep them in and what filtration do you use. As i read they really like oxygenated water . Good luck in finding your female .

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Hi Sarah,

I keep him in a 5x2x2ft tank with shell dwellers, Leptosomas and sandsifters.

He has his favorite spot where he always stays and I would say he's the boss in that tank. I use a aquaclear 500 and a fluval 4 internal filter on the opposite site.

There is plenty of oxigen in the water. I feed him mostly spirulina and veggie flake with the odd brine shrimp.

I hope that helps


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