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saratoga tank too small?

the cichlid kid

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I have recently picked up a saratoga jardini.

He/she is currently in a 5x2x2 by itself and it is roughly 45cm long.

i have asked many and they say it is a big enough tank for it, but it doesnt look like enough room to swim, i know a bigger tank is better, but am i in urgent need of a bigger tank or can he stay there for another 8 months to a year until i can afford a bigger one?


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i think its okay, as your tank is 2 ft wide. Alot of people may disagree. It would be good if your tank is a few feet longer but i think this will suffice for quite a while. As they slow down in growth at that size. If i was you i would save for a little longer and provide the perfect sized tank hehehe 10x3x3. But personally i say he will be fine for quite a while yet, you got the width which is good! hope that helps

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a 5x2x2 is the minimum to keep a full grown arowana (aka australian saratoga)

i've got mine 12" long in a 6*18*24, but like the others said..the width is more important than the length (the fish only grows to the width of tank because it can turn)

Intend to upgrade to a 6*30*30 if the fish lives that long that is.

a rule of thumb is that the length of the tank should be at least 2.5 times the width.


Your tank is fine.....the fish grows slowly after the first year anyway.

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