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Finally my 6 foot Malawi Display is finnished


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Here it is a Home made tank with a homemade stand and canopy.

pic one

It houses

Pseudotropheus saulosi 1M 2F 2J

Protomelas taeniolatus 1M 3F

Labidochromis caeruleus 1M 3F 1M/F?

Labidochromis Sp. Hongi 1M 3F

Sciaenochromis fryeri 1M 2F

Metriaclima callainos 1M 1F 2J

Synodontis njassae 2 Unknown

pic two

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Yes I agree a higher water level would be better but I just can get the spray bars any higher, what is the opinion of having spray bars below the water level.

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It is fine to have the spray bar below water level - just make sure it is angled so that it creates a ripple in the surface of the water. Actually, it may actually be better for the plants if you have it below the surface of the water, because apparently by breaking the surface of the water (by having water flow down from above the water level) it removes carbon dioxide from the water which may have otherwise been beneficial for the plants.

Did that make sense? Hope so! biggrin.gif


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