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Anubias (where to buy online at good prices)


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Hi guys,

Does anyone have any good sites where i can buy single pieces of anubias online. The shops are way to expensive and usually have no idea about which type they have!

Thanks in advance,


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Does anyone know when the site will be up and running again? Its out of action at the moment.

I have a wholesale plant account and bring in anubias monthly do have some in stock at the moment.

Cheers John

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http://fishchick.com/ The girls there are aquascape specialists and multiple comp winners. They also have the best prices... So you certainly get what you pay for too and by this I mean, if you want a certain type of moss they'll supply you that moss. You want a certain type of Anubia they've got it! and they also have some of the rarest stuff too.

or on a really tight budget? Go to the 2 biggest aquascape /shrimp forums;

Shrimp keepers Forum http://www.shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/forum.php (have to register)

or shrimpscape http://www.shrimpscape.com.au/index.php (can browse)

You'll thank me for these 3 contacts either way!

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