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Longfin ABN


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anyoe got problems with keeping these guys with other tank mates.

i just got some today nd thought it would be ok but every cichlid i have seem to love to munch on their tails.

even my fry tank which has cichlid as small as 3cm have a go at them and the longfins are lik 6-8cm(not including tail)

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I lost 8 keeping them wih fry that size too... you just never can tell with cichlids

what they will and won't attack. I think its very much an introduction thing as well

as a territory issue that caused the losses but bn are not meant for african water

anyways I believe.

If you have some tight caves and things scattered it should help the bn escape if the

cichlids are being aggressive. I also find with many things that new introductions act

as a magnet to other fish for a little while - if they can last for a month or two then less

aggression may be seen as the interest can (but not always) die down.

I am no expert on the matter though,


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