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my first african cichlids


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beautiful shots mate...care to share what kind of camera you using and also what other 'extras' you using for the camera ? like water proof casing, etc ?


Camera i'm using is an Olympus U Tough. It's kinda a standard digital camera but it's water proof up to 3 metres which is great!! I'm not sure how long it can last in water though.

All I did was put it in SCN mode where i can take photos of dif. scenarios. I put it in snapshot for under water use. Then all i did was wait until the fish were'nt that scared of the camera and i took some photos. I also put the camera on a fluorescent setting too to help get better quality. But i made a mistake for the first two pictures putting on flash :roll

but it did take me a while to get some shots..i did about 23 and these were the only decent ones!!

:thumbup: underwater camera- awesome idea. great photos

also nice choice for first cichlids, multies are one of my favorites. and i love julies too

Thanks dogboy!

I plan to see if I can get shots of my plecos with this too (which is nearly impossible)

and the Julies did take a hit from the multi's i thought they were all dead at one point but funny thing is that they all survived!! It's only a 2 foot tank with 6 multi's and 3 Juli's

some people said that was silly to do...i have to agree but they are still eating and breathing. and plus i plan to get another tank some time in the future for my juli's too!

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