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stocking tank with fish


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any pointers on the best way to stock my tank. my first picks are ellectric yellow, red jewels . tank is layed out with plenty of nooks and crannies, its a deep 4 footer , exrta wide 500 L. there is plenty of room .what else could i put in ??. is it true i can place most of the stock in at once ,IF, AND ONLY IF? my bio system is established well enough.or if adding just a few at atime how do u stop aggro. Running some used media through an old powerhead filter. also got a small diy bio running through at 300 L hr. and thinking of putting 1 or 2 goldfish in. How do i judge the strength of my bio colony?.STILL waiting for my eheim to turn up so i am just trying to make a start.going nutts looking at tank full of just water!!!! .then how long will it take for the eheim pro 3 2075 to get up and running before i can add fish.....??? :confused:

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