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p.endlicheri spawn


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Why dont you want to raise?

1. If i raised them i would have to give them away for free on moral grounds, and i know that if i did that, they would end up on pet link within five minutes of leaving my door. :roll:no:

I have staunch views on that sort of thing, and no amount of money will ever change that.

2. I don't need the gov coming down on me for breeding and distributing soon to be noxious fish; especially considering the above reason. I just want to keep mine as pets.

if i were you, i would get a seperate tank to breed these guys or to raise the young

I don't need to. They pretty much have their own tank, and they're perfectly happy in it; hence the breeding.

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You should save a few for the hobby. These guys are harder to come by at the moment and with all the aging stock in the country they will eventually lost in the hobby.

Maybe raise some and give it to those that you know will take care of them and not just for the sell value.


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