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shortening pallet racking beams


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hey guys

just wanted to find out if anyone has ever done this and if this would effect the load rating? looking at shortening an 2500mm beam to 1800 to fit a 5x2 tank. looking at 2 levels so so will need to hold 7 to 800kg a level.

if its done by a professional welder would it hold up to the load if the normal factory welds hold 1000kg? If it can work what protective coating should be applied to the weld and probably all the beams to make them look the same? Some sort of gal spray paint?

any info from you steel fabricators??



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If its done by a proffessional welder there will be no dramas at all, shortening the beams by 700mm will probably give you an extra 700-1000kg?? load rating on it... yes paint with gal paint then paint what ever colour the beams are over that...


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