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Hi guys first post,

Recently scored a new 120gal 4 x 2 x 2 from ebay. Ill be fixing a few things up like the stand and sump over the next month or so. My girlfriend and I have started to think about stocking, we currently have a 50gal (3ft) and a breeder tank set up with a convict pair. we currently house:



Nicoraguin (f)

a few clown loaches and yoyos

2 bn


2 Convicts


5 Rasboras

My plan is to move the firemouth, nic and bn into the new 120gal and move the convicts into the now vacant 50gal. I would like to add another pair of pink convicts into the 50gal and maybe a school of rummynose.How would two breeding pairs go together? The clowns and yoyos will be going to work.

In terms of the 120gal final stocking i was thinking:



Blue Acara x 2 (not fussed if a pair or not)

Red jewel (Girlfriends fav and pretty much has to be included haha, i know its african)

Salvini (I have not kept these before and heard different opinions on aggresssion, thaughts?)

5 bn (hopefully get a little colony going, realistic in this set up?)

Sailfin Gribb

5-10 congo tetras

I work at a lfs so i can change stocking around pretty easily, thats why i was thinking of taking a chance with a salvini. Its going to be pretty much a display tank so i dont really want a warzone in there.

Id appriciate any thoughts or feedback, its 3am and i cant get this out of my head and no ones up to talk to so over to you guys...


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I havent kept all of those fish before but it sounds good to me. I looked a few up that I didnt know and didnt see any claring problems (but I could be wrong, it was a quick check). I have a SA community tank of the same size as your bigger one with firemouth, heckelii, orange heads, gold severum, cories, plecs, bn, boseman rainbows, red phantom tetra and blue rams. I do plan on moving on some once they all get to adult size but its a very active tank full of color and little agro.

Not sure on 2 pair sof convicts ina 3 footer, I would expect a fair bit of agro from them but havent kept these guys.

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