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Encouraging Bristlenose To Breed ....


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i have recently acquired a group of albino bristlenose, ratio is Male 13cm, Male 8cm, Female 13cm, Female 8cm, Female 8cm.

Haven't seen even the slightest bit of action yet and was looking for some tips from anyone.

i currently have 2 logs and one slate cave in the tank and they are housed with some orange head geo fry.

i have tried daily water changes and have been feeding fresh veg and algae discs since i got them.

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i would suggest that you split the group into a pair and trio!

pair - m/f 13cms

trio - M/F/F 8cms

that way you will have the best results !

if a male has 2 many females he will kick the eggs out just to breed with the others!

if there are more than 1 male the males will be more interested in fighting/protecting there teritory than breed with a female!

that is your first step! other wise you will be having problems!

with bn all they need is a good diet for a week or so then a good WC that removes 50% water and clean all there crap!

fill the tank with cooler water than the temp of your tank!

but this wont help if the group is kept together!

unless you have them in a 4fter with the caves on different sides but still one will die in time!

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I bought 5 small BN, turned out to be 4M 1F, I now have 3M in my 4ft community tank, no dramas as there is no F. The F and 1 M went into another tank with 2 inches of sand in the bottom 2 caves and driftwood, just hoping now as the male doesn't come out of one of the caves very much - could be a good sign.

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I have 4 boys and 6 girls in my colony ranging from 8cm - 13cm and no other fish it took about 12 months from buying them at 5cm and they have now started spawning in a 4ft tank with driftwood and 2 air operated sponge filters and no substrate they get 40-50% water changes weekly straight from the tap.

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