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Fish stores or markets in Hawaii


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Oddly enough, I didn't see any pet/aquarium stores either when I was on Oahu and the "Big Island", Hawai'i.

One thing you must see though if you get to the Big Island - Akatsuka Orchid Nursery. It's over the Hilo side of the Island and it is phenomenal!!

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Mate, go to Liliha pets on liliha just outside Chinatown near Waikiki, be prepared to cry though. Not much in the way of cichlids bit Royal Panaque for $12.95, silver aros for about the same, L114 for $18, L046 semi-adults for $125, made me drool. It was a shame that their flowerhorns were around the $200+, they seem to be popular over there which is a little sad.

In general dry goods are not that much cheaper, I found Jaoan to be the cheapest for food etc.



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